Between The Lakes Home Services wants to give you the peace of mind that your heating and air conditioning will be trouble free and keep you comfortable when you really need it.

9 Benefits to the Peace of Mind Club:

1. Regular heating system tune-ups to ensure your heating will be efficient and reliable when you need it most. This prevents larger repairs and waking up cold from lack of maintenance.
2. Regular AC system tune-ups keep your AC efficient to keep your hydro costs down. AC systems typically show signs of component failure before a breakdown. A tuneup can find and repair these items before they cause an uncomfortable and untimely breakdown.
3. Reduced service fees
4. Reduced repair costs
5. Promotes longer equipment life
6. You receive priority service in case of a breakdown
7. We remind you when it’s time for maintenance
8. We offer low-cost plans
9. Peace of Mind that your home’s mechanical systems are working properly

3 Levels to choose from

1. Platinum
2. Gold
3. Silver

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