Residential Ductwork

Ductwork design is much more important to a properly-functioning HVAC system than most people realize, whether its just one supply/return run or all-new ductwork for an entire home. At Between The Lakes Home Services, we have professionally-trained staff who are experts in efficient ductwork installation and design. In fact, any major duct job we perform gets a 5-year comfort guarantee to put your mind at ease.

What To Look Out For:

A company should have a plan when they arrive to install the ductwork, not just a general idea of how the installation will go. Make sure you see their ductwork design plans.

Common problems:

  • The supply ducts may be too small for room requirements, which can lead to issues heating and cooling the room.
  • If there aren’t enough return ducts, your heating and cooling system won’t work as efficiently.
  • Improperly-sized supply/return trunks can put extra strain on your HVAC system.
  • Ductwork design that isn’t matched to the system won’t take advantage of the particular HVAC unit.
  • Improperly-installed ducts can lead to leaks, which wastes energy and money