Pieces of heating and cooling equipment are some of the most complex — and expensive — appliances in your home. They require the services of an HVAC company that can keep them going during every season. What make them such an important part of your home? Find out more in these blogs!

  1. Did you know your Furnace works in the summer and the winter? 

    Did you know your Furnace works in the summer and the winter? So often we go on a service call where the furnace filter is plugged and the AC isnt working. Often customers are not aware that the Furnace Fan is being used for the Air conditioning as well. Remember to check your furnace filter through…Read More

  2. What size AC does your home need??

    What size AC does your home need?? This is one of the most common questions we get from customers at this time of year. Some companies like to reinstall the same size as what you have, some like to go up a size because you said the upstairs was always hot, and some like to go off square footage of y…Read More

  3. Welcome to Between The Lakes Home Services HVAC Site!

      We’d like to thank you for stopping by Between the Lakes Home Services' new and improved website! With over 30 years experience, we’re here to handle the big problems whether your home is brand new or needs repairs to its HVAC system. In the following articles, we’re going to detail som…Read More