What size AC does your home need??

This is one of the most common questions we get from customers at this time of year.

Some companies like to reinstall the same size as what you have, some like to go up a size because you said the upstairs was always hot, and some like to go off square footage of your home. These options often lead to discomfort and high energy bills even with a new AC. What we find is often these methods miss many things that can effect the heating and cooling of your home.

Here at Between the Lakes Home Services we do a proper Heat loss and Heat gain analysis, and a duct sizing calculation. We also look at how many supply and return registers are in the house and the location of them. We want the whole picture of what effects your homes heating and air conditioning to make sure what your home needs and what the duct system needs is perfectly matched to guarantee your comfort.

So if your in the market for a new Furnace or AC be sure to pick a company that does the extra work upfront to guarantee your comfort!