With Fall just around the corner, many homeowners will ask,  should I cover my AC for winter?

There are many opinions out there on this topic but here are the FACTS!

Picture on the top is a homemade cover. The homeowner had good intentions to protect the unit from any snow or ice damage, but wrapped the unit so tightly that there was no airflow to remove moisture from under the cover. This could cause components to rust and also provides a great warm home for mice which like to chew on wires.

Picture on the bottom is a proper cover from the manufacturer for this exact model. The cover does not go all the way to the bottom of the unit and leaves a small portion of the side vents open for airflow. This allows moisture to dissipate and makes it so no mouse will want to call this home.

Verdict: If you use the wrong winter cover it can be harmful to your AC, but if your using the proper cover designed for the model # then its a great way to protect your investment.